Good to see you…

Hi all! Welcome to Words of the Wiser!

This website has had a few starts and stops on its way to what it currently is. A special education website. When I first started, I was really trying to create a personal growth site to talk about things that were also of interest to me, cooking, DIY projects, my family, and mindset stuff. While I think the intention was noble, I was having trouble finding time to switch gears out of teaching mode to write about my side interests. After a year of struggling to find the time to write about these other interests, it finally dawned on me what I really had a passion for–students. The reality is that I live and breathe school, so that’s what I should be talking about.

So, in this blog, my focus will sharing with you all the things I’ve learned over the last 30 years about kids, schools, working with teams, writing IEPs. dealing with behavior, staying organized and keeping your sanity while you do it all. Two groups of people that often get forgotten when we talk about teams are paraprofessionals and parents. They are key players in our work with students and I have sections for them as well. My final section is a nod to something I love to do….read!

So again, welcome to Words of the Wiser. I hope you are able to get your questions answered, learn something new and that, you too, are able to thrive in your work with kids. Happy teaching!