Why We Are Here

Hey friends, welcome to Words of the Wiser. We’re so glad you’re here!

  Our life is already good. We have what we need, we are healthy, the girls do well in school, we have a secure income with benefits and my coworkers are wonderful. We have much to be thankful for in the grand scheme of things. And we are grateful. But………we’ve also felt like we’re spinning our wheels.  Like we’ve spent all our time in life just living the “daily grind”. Get up, go to work and school, work hard, come home, eat dinner, talk a little, help with homework, and go to bed. Our to-do list never seemed to end. Appointments and expectations just kept piling on, with each day being more of the same. This way of being really had no purpose and it was stressful and frustrating. We needed a more intentional, more purposeful way of living. One that allowed all of us to feel happy. 

We thought we had some good ideas for how to make this happen, but once we started really digging in and looking at how to make this more intentional simpler life a reality, we realized we had serious knowledge gaps. We said we wanted to be simpler or more intentional but we only partially understood what “being simplified” meant. We though cleaning out the basement, getting rid of things, eating healthier, making meal planning easier, meditating and trying to spend more time with family would really lead us to a simpler better-lived life.  And yet, it wasn’t. The stress wasn’t leaving. Tasks kept piling up. No one was feeling better because of the changes we were making.

We recognize now that being intentional is more of a lifestyle. It’s something you do every single day. And it starts with priorities. What do you want to achieve?  What’s important? Saving money? Having less stuff? Spending more time as a family?  Spending less time working? Being healthier? Once you figure out your actual priorities, you need to remake your day so that those things can happen. There will always be challenges to the path you set out for yourself. Work, family and peer pressure is tough. If you have a plan for managing those times, it’s easier to keep moving forward because you had a plan for handling it.

As we’ve gotten older we recognize that the family time we have remaining with our girls is precious. They are getting older and will be out of the house before we know it. Now more than ever, we feel this pull to make sure we are creating our absolute best life–for them and for ourselves moving forward. Changes and challenges are a part of life, something we don’t have a ton of control over. But we can control how we handle them and how we decide to live.

So join us on our journey to create a simpler, more intentional life…..the Wise way!


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