Blogging Goals for February

As I mentioned in my last post(Fact #3), over the years we’ve collected a lot of stuff. Too much stuff and I’d really like to get rid of it. After giving it some thought and planning, I determined that a large scale clean out does not really work for us. I need to be more systematic and batch items. Given its still mostly cold out, I decided to go through all the Christmas decor. I made 3 buckets, keep, sell and donate and I enlisted the girls to help me sort. It was a fun couple of hours looking through stuff. Our try sell bucket was the largest by far. I’ll keep you posted on how we do. Now, on to Question #4, What are my blogging goals for the first month?

My First Month–Again!

Technically, this isn’t my first month. I actually got my website up and running last summer. I felt like that was a major accomplishment and so I spent some time glowing that I actually did it. It’s not a beautiful yet, but it’s functional. I ended up not posting anymore after July though. So what happened?

I started collecting writing ideas and drafting posts. I really had plenty of things to say. I put out a few posts, but quickly realized that randomly posting made no sense to me. If it didn’t make sense to me, how would it make sense to anyone else? For all my learning, I hadn’t picked up on one crucial fact. I had a website and I had overarching topics to cover, but I had no real plan for how I was going to roll out information and content!

Goal #1

After my failed start last summer, I’m regrouping and starting again. My first goal is to finish reading a blogging book I purchased from Ruth Soukup called How to Blog For Profit without Selling Your Soul. I think it’s going to give me some really great focused ideas for making blogging actually work. for me. The few pages I’ve read so far have really resonated with me and have given me some excitement. After reading just the first chapter, I realized the following: I have to be me. My authentic self. I have to care about what I’m writing about. It’s going to be a lot of work and I have to feel that deep down in my heart, that what I write matters. Readers will or won’t care about my point of view. Will or won’t enjoy my content. I have to be okay with that.

Goal #2

Secondly, I want to create an overall plan for the blog, including a schedule for posting that fits into my life. I know that right now the whole process is relatively new and will take longer, but I also know that I have a certain amount of time to devote to writing content in any given week. I realize there will be ebbs and flows in my time over a year, so I need to capitalize on those spaces. Creating an overall plan will be my roadmap and will allow me to be more efficient as well as taking care of the randomness I was feeling. For this first month, I just want to create that big plan and stick to my posting schedule.

Goal #3

Third, I want to both answer questions that I believe give a little insight into who I am as well as provide some practical useful content. I plan to post on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I’ve already started by telling you I’m going to post the answers to some questions, which I still want to do, but I’ve already revised that notion. Getting to know me is not the same as getting to know my content. So one day of the week will be answering the questions I talked about, and the other day will be starting in on my content.

That’s it for this question. Have a wonderful couple of days, and see you next Wednesday where I will share with you, my 5 favorite bloggers!


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