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Life, I think, is about noticing things. When you notice, you come to deeper understandings and acceptance of things as they are. Take reading for instance. This summer, I’ve not read as much as in previous summers and overall with my yearly reading goal, I’ll probably still make it, but if I do, it will be barely. The last couple of years I’ve read quite a bit more. I could feel bad about that, but I don’t. I’ve spent a lot of time on Words of the Wiser work, so that’s where my time went. It is what it is. If you can accept little dings that happen in life(like not meeting a reading goal), you can begin to accept bigger things too. You will be happier if you can do this.

Anyway, enough philosophizing. Here’s what I’ve finished this August:

  • You Are a Badass-Jen Sincero
  • Lady Midnight-Cassandra Clare
  • Five Feet Apart-Rachel Lippincott
  • Exodus-Andreas Christensen
  • Sanctuaries-Dan Tricarico
  • The Little Book of Lykke- Meik Wiking
  • Supervising Student Teachers-Maureen Henry and Anne Weber

And the winner is…..

It was difficult to choose a favorite this month because I appreciated them all. Supervising Student Teachers was for a class, while others were pleasure reads. In the end, I decided to choose two favorites: Lady Midnight and You Are a Badass.

Lady Midnight. I had previously read some of Cassandra Clare’s other books-The Immortal Instruments Series in particular and this book reminded me how interesting the Shadowhunter world really is. How deep and 3-dimensional it really felt. The ideas of Nephilim, angel/humans who hunt demons to keep the world safe, and how Shadowhunters can have parabatai; a lifelong partner who cannot be a spouse.

Both main characters Emma and Julian were strong and convincing and I rooted for them all the way. Emma and Julian are basically in love with one another, though this is not allowed for parabatai. The other characters were also well-formed. I especially liked that one of Julian’s brothers had many characteristics of autism and rather than making it a bad thing, saw it as a part of who he was and worked with it. Plus the storyline was good. Emma is haunted by the deaths of her parents and she wants to find the answers. She never gives up and when a clue pops up that seems connected, she investigates. In the end, they get the answers she needs to move on from obsessing about her parents. It was a good read.

You Are a Badass. I love this book! I will likely read it every year because I love Jen Sincero’s talking points and her style of telling them. She reminds me of how I want to engage with my own life.

We need to set intentions and see exactly what our dreams look like, really feel them down deep. Write them down, picture them. Believe they are true for you. Knowing the dream completely allows us to see what it will take to get there(like steps) and be open to opportunities that arise. Its puts us on what she calls a “higher frequency”. We have to live in the real world of course, but we also have to have this unshakeable faith that the Universe will provide what we need to make our dreams happen.

I know this seems like out-there thinking for the average person, but I’ve noticed since I’ve thought in this way, kept my frequency higher and not allowed others to shake my faith in what I do at work, my teaching life has shifted. Where before I was getting through the day, following others, doing status quo things, now I’m a game-changer. I’m focusing on kids needs, asking for more, expecting more and getting more. The best description I can give is it feels like Harry Potter when he drinks the potion Felix Felicis-liquid luck. Everything just works out.

Any book that can do that, give you liquid luck, is gold in my opinion.

What have you been reading lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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