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Data Collection-A Year Long Journey to Making it Better

I can do many things well, but there are some things I do that need work. My biggest issue is data collection. I don’t know if this sounds bad but I don’t really like doing it. I like to see kids make progress, I can feel progress, but the actual collecting of data to prove the progress? Not so much.

I write okay progress notes, but it takes me forever and I’m not satisfied with what it takes for me to get there. I waste a ton of time that could be devoted to other things I’d rather be doing. So this post is going to be a little bit different.  I am going to map out a year-long journey to be better with data collection. I may fall flat on my face. I may finally find the perfect system that works for me. Who knows?  My hope with going public about my journey is that it will keep me accountable to stick with the project.

My Issues With It

 Over the years, I’ve tried using other people’s creations. That’s bombed. I’ve created my own different ways to collect data. Paper pencil, google doc tables, behavior sheets, grade reports, test scores, google forms. Just like with my most recent post, I tend to be an abundance lover and a perfectionist. So I end up with a system I can’t really manage because it’s too much. I need to do it too often, there are too many pages to deal with, there are too many access points for collecting it. So then my data just gets less and less as the year goes on.

I will probably never like data collection. But because its a necessity of my job, I have to deal with it. I’ve put some thought into what I want from a system. Here are my criteria:

  • It is not labor-intensive to set up
  • I can continue implementation all the way to June
  • it can work for a wide variety of goal types
  • it will take very little time to input data points
  • it will truly inform my progress note writing

So Now What?

So now that I’ve got the vision, I need to set up some actionable steps. First I’m going to have to do some online investigation. I’ll research as much as I can in the next few weeks so that I am ready for school. In a couple of weeks, I will give you all an update on what I decided to do and why. Then when I make changes or updates, I’ll keep you in the loop there too. Wish me luck, everyone.

Please, share any ideas or links you have that you think might get me started in the right direction in the comments below. Thanks in advance!

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